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Printing "Deli-Style" labels from your browser
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The label placed on your customer's bulk weight / "deli-style" purchase needs to include all of the compliance information and warnings required by your state. 


This article will cover how KlickTrack makes it easy for you to create and print compliant labels for "deli-style" sales at the time of purchase.


How to Print "Deli-Style" Labels

💡 A few things to know before you start:


  • Deli-style label printing is supported in the browser version of the KlickTrack app.
  • Our browser-based printing solution is configured to work best on a PC running Windows 10.
  • Our solution is configured for the Zebra ZD410 label printer utilizing the 2x1 label size.
  • ​​Your device must be in Register mode to access bulk weight printing capabilities.
  • The following steps must be taken before conducting deli-style sales transactions:



1. Navigate to the register on your browser-based device.


2. Find and select the bulk flower product you will weigh and package.


3. Once you've selected your product, click the gram (g) selection on the product weight bar. This action will prompt the scale weight modal to appear so you can enter the bulk weight product. 


If your bulk product is associated with multiple lots, you must select which lot to choose from before entering the weight. 


4. Weigh the bulk product on your scale, then manually enter the purchase weight of the bulk product into the modal and press the "Add Scale Weight" button.



5. A print preview of the label will pop up so that you can review and verify that all the information is correct before printing. 


 The printed label contains all of the information you need to remain compliant in the state of Oklahoma. You can find a label example in the section below. 


6. Click the "Print Label" button on the label preview, which will prompt a print window to open on your PC with a preview of the label. The settings you configured previously will ensure that the label prints as expected from your Zebra label printer.



 If your label is not displaying correctly please try calibrating your label printer and / or reconfiguring your label sizes.


7. Click "Print". This will close your printer dialog box and print the label from your ZD410 printer.


Compliance Label Details

Nearly all the information printed on the compliance labels is pulled from your data in KlickTrack. 

The only area you must manually fill in at the time of purchase is the potency percentage fields, THC%, CBD%, and Total Terpenes %.



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