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Connecting your Zebra ZD410 label printer to your PC
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We know that printing compliant labels, particularly those related to selling bulk weight / “deli-style” products, is essential to your business. In this article, you will find instructions for installing your Zebra label printer on a PC running Windows 10. The instructions in this article are intended for Oklahoma dispensaries who are utilizing our browser-based deli-style label printing solution.


⚠ Note: The instructions contained within this article are for dispensaries who are running Windows 10 on their PC. If you are utilizing Windows 11 or connecting to your printer via a Mac, please reach out to our customer support team, and we will work with you on options.



💡Before you start:


  • Your printer should be turned on but not connected to your PC. (i.e., The USB cable is attached to your printer, but the other end is not yet attached to your PC). This is an important piece of the process.



Supported Zebra Printers & Deli-Style Label Sizes

KlickTrack currently supports the Zebra ZD41022-D01W01EZ printer.


Our browser-based deli-style label printing solution is configured for 2x1 labels. More information on how to configure your deli-style labels can be found here.


Installing the "Zebra Setup Utilities" app

1. Download the Zebra Printer setup utility from Specifically, the Zebra Setup Utilities for Windows (22-March-2021) version.

  • If you are unable to access the above link, please go to and type “ZD410” in the search bar.
  • Click on the ZD410 printer option that appears in the search window.

  • On the Zebra ZD410 page, scroll down to the Zebra setup utilities for Windows (22-March-2021).

  • Accept the license agreement and click the “Download” button.


2. Open the downloaded file (zsu-1191290.exe) and begin the installation process.

 Once the installation process begins, you will need to approve the installation of the app. Please speak to your manager or other store administrator if you do not have access to approve the installation.


3. An install wizard modal will appear to guide you through the installation process. Click “Next” on the modal to proceed with the installation.



4. On the next screen, click the checkbox for “Accept” the license agreement, then click “Next.“


5. Determine where you want the Zebra Setup Utilities installed.

  • We recommend installing to the default location suggested by the install wizard. If you want to install it elsewhere, click the “Change” button next to the install location box.

  • Once you’ve selected the area for installation, click “Next.”


6. The install will create a folder which we recommend taking note of you so you can reference it later. On this page, check “Install the application for anyone who uses the computer (all users),” and then click “Next.”


7. Click “Next” on the “Complete the install wizard for Zebra setup utilities” screen. The install wizard will automatically start copying over the printer configuration files to your PC.


8. Once the install is done copying over files, it will take you to a screen with information about the ZDesigner app (you can ignore this information). Click the “I have read the information above” checkbox, then click “Next.”


9. On the final screen, select the “Run Zebra Setup Utilities now” checkbox and click “Finish.”


Connecting your Zebra Printer to your PC

1. The actions that occur when you open the “Zebra Setup Utilities” app will vary based upon whether or not you have run the “Zebra Setup Utilities” app before:


  • If this is the first time you’ve run the “Zebra Setup Utilities,” the app will start by asking you to install a driver package. Click “Next” to install the drivers.


  • If you’ve run the app previously, the app will start with the “System prepare screen” and check for drivers. It will install them if it has new drivers; if not, it will take you to the next screen.



2. Once the drivers are installed the app will take you to a connection screen; select “USB” as the computer port you wish to connect the printer to.


3. Connect your printer USB to your computer, and then click “Finish.”


4. You should now see your Zebra ZD410 printer displayed in the printer list on the app screen.


 If you do not see your printer listed in the printer list of the Zebra app, please see the “Troubleshooting tips” section below.



Troubleshooting Tips

Issue: "I do not see my Zebra ZD410 printer listed in the "Zebra Setup Utility App" printer list".


  • Reason for Error: The printer may not have been installed completely or the installation may have been corrupted for one reason or another.


  • How to Resolve: To resolve, click the "Install New Printer" button that is to the right of the printer list, and being the installation process again using the instructions above. If this does not resolve your issue please reach out to our Support team who can try to help you troubleshoot. 


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