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Setting Up a Wifi Printer W/No WPS Button
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You may have just signed up with Klicktrack and have been provided either a Bluetooth or Wifi printer. While they are both functional for the Klicktrack Software, their setup is very much different.

Below are some instructions on making sure you are able to set up and print on your Wifi Printer even when your router does not have a WPS Button

Make sure you are aware of the following:

  1. The printer must be on the same network as the computer that will use the printer.
  2. Make sure to load some paper into the printer. 
  3. Now just power on the printer.
  4. Use the provided cable to connect the cash drawer to the receipt printer.

Get the Printer's Initial Dynamic IP Address

When you first connect the printer, it gets a dynamically-assigned IP address. You need to get this address to start programming it.

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. On the front, press and hold the FEED button, and while holding POWER the button turn on the printer.
  3. Once the printer starts printing paper, you may release the FEED button.
  4. The printer will print two separate items. Wait to tear until the second piece comes out.
  5. At the bottom of the second printout, you will see the IP Address. Take note of this for the following steps.


Assign the Printer a Static IP Address

  1. Open the web browser of the computer that will access the printer.
  2. Navigate to the IP address you received in step 2 above.
  3. Click System Access --> Login.
  4. The default username is root and the password is public.
  5. Click IP Parameters.
  6. Choose Static.
  7. Set an IP Address that you're sure is available for static use and won't be assigned by your DHCP server/service.
  8. Set the Subnet Mask and Default gateway to match your current network settings.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. On the screen that says Static address condition is accepted! make sure to click Save in the Network Configuration menu. If you don't press Save, the changes won't be saved to the device

  11. When prompted, select Save --> Configuration printing --> Restart device.



Now Once you have the printer setup On the wifi, Setup on Klicktrack is a zinch!



To connect a new printer:

  1. Connect the register to the same wifi network as the receipt printers.
  2. Open Control Panel on the register.
  3. Select Printers.
  4. Pulldown to refresh the available printer list.
  5. Choose a new printer.
  6. Choose printer model.
  7. Select OK.
  8. Once your printer is connected, the Printers screen will appear as seen below:



Wondering if your printer is compatible with KlickTrack? Check out our list of compatible hardware.

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