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Adjusting Register & App Settings in KlickTrack
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App Settings are the foundation of the KlickTrack App features and workflows. Customize your KlickTrack to suit your shop's unique needs. Here you will find an overview of each section found within the App Settings of the KlickTrack App. 

Note: App settings can only be accessed and edited by users with Admin permission.


1. Navigating to App Settings

From the Dashboard:

  1. Select the 3 dots in the left-hand corner to open the Control Panel.
  2. Select App Settings.
  3. Enter PIN.


From the App Settings screen you will be able to adjust the following cash register settings:


2. Register Settings - Sales


From the Sales section, you can toggle on or off the ability to:


  • Accept ACH Payment
    • A cashless payment method that allows you to collect non-cash payments via Stronghold.
    • In the app settings, you can add your Stronghold API Key to activate the ACH payment method as well as set the surcharge by percentage or a flat rate.  
  • Accept gift card payments.
Important Note:

While we do have Cashless ATM currently listed as a payment method in our App Settings we no longer recommend it as a viable payment option due to recent events in the industry. If you are looking to offer a cashless payment option, please reach out to our Customer Support team to learn more about our ACH option. 


3. Fulfillment Settings - Fulfillment & Fulfillment Print Options


📝 Fulfillment Mode

  • Allows the processing and fulfillment of orders from non-register (Fulfillment + Fulfillment Hub) devices.
  • Commonly used when shops fill orders from a different location other than at the register.
  • Turn a register into a Fulfillment register. This allows register devices to adjust an order's status.
  • Only use this if you are using a Fulfillment Hub.

📝 Fulfillment Register:

  • Requires Fulfillment Mode to be enabled.


From the Fulfillment Settings section, you can toggle on or off the ability to:


  • Print from the Fulfillment Hub.
  • Print when an online order is pending.
  • Print when an online order is processing.
  • Print when an online order is ready for pick-up.
Note: For Fulfillment Print Option functions to be active, you must have Fulfillment Mode enabled.



4. Register Settings - Cart


From the Cart section, you can toggle on or off the ability to:


  • Verify the age of the customer at the time of sale. 
  • Establish whether or not each drawer is accessible by multiple users or is restricted to one user per drawer.
  • Stack discounts.
    • For example, if you have a senior discount, whether or not they can use a 10% off coupon.
    • Stacking logic applies to the number of discounts that can be applied to the sales cart. If stacking is disabled, only one discount (cart or item) can be applied at the register. Bucket discounts that are automatically applied are not included in the number of discounts. If stacking is enabled, then discounts are not limited and multiple (cart or item) discounts can be applied at the register.
  • Application of a medical discount to be applied to the sale.
    • The medical discount is an exemption from local sales tax. This exemption amount will vary by shop location.
  • Re-verify the cart.
    • This can help ensure your customers are receiving what they want and will require budtenders to rescan all sales items to complete the transaction.
  • Disable the cost plus tax function. 
  • Hide the tax.
  • Change the default drawer start amount. 


5. Customer Loyalty Settings - Required Loyalty Data


From the Required Loyalty Data section, you can toggle on or off required fields for adding a customer to your loyalty program.


  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Birthday 

From the Required Loyalty Data Tile, you can also decide whether or not to limit your customers to one visit per day.



6. Register Settings - Print Receipt


From the Print Receipt section, you can toggle on or off when you want a receipt to be printed:


7. Register Settings - Round Cart


From the Round Cart section, you can select either to round all purchases down to the nearest dollar or not round transactions at all.


Note: Round down applies to the end total sales amount after discounts and taxes have been applied to the sale.



8. Register Settings - Void Sale


Voided sales are a compliant way to immediately return sold products to your sellable inventory.  If a budtender makes a mistake during the sale, or the customer decides they no longer want a product before the product physically leaves your store, the void sale function will increase your efficiency in fixing errors. 


Not only will voided items return to the initial inventory room and remain sellable once they are voided, but the sale will also be reported as a "void" directly to your state traceability system allowing you to resell this item and remain compliant. 


  • Toggle On to enable.
  • Set a time limit (in minutes).
💡PRO TIP: To ensure that Voided Sales are recorded before the product leaves your location, we recommended setting the Void Time Limit to 30 minutes.  If you do not want to set a time limit on Voided Sales, be sure to keep the Void Time Limit empty.



9. Register Settings - Loyalty


  • Set how many loyalty points a customer earns with each dollar spent.
    • The example above is one loyalty point earned for one dollar spent.
    • This setting can be edited to best suit your shop's needs.
  • Set a qualifying point threshold for loyalty customers.
    • The qualifying loyalty point threshold is the minimum amount of points a customer must have before they can redeem any loyalty discounts.
    • If the threshold is set at 100, then the customer must have 101 loyalty points to be able to use a preset loyalty discount, even if the POINTS REQUIRED TO REDEEM LOYALTY DISCOUNT is set at 100.
  • Disable whether or not an employee can also earn loyalty points with purchases.



10. Security Settings - PIN Lock


From the Pin Lock section, you can toggle on or off:


  • Lock register after-sale complete.
  • Enter how many seconds will pass of inactivity (no transactions completed) before the register auto locks.
    • Leaving the field empty disables the feature; whereas
    • Enter 0 will lock the screen immediately.
    • The use of 0 is the most secure.


11. Security Settings - Drawer


From the Drawer Security Settings section, you can toggle on or off:


  • Control when the cash drawer opens:
    • Open drawer when a new drawer is started.
    • Open drawer when the drawer is ended.
    • Open drawer when Drawer transactions are completed, such as a Pay In, Pay Out, or a Drop.
  • Collect Denominations:
    • Toggle-on will change the cash count screen to prompt the cashier to count how many bills of each denomination are in the drop and will compute the total automatically. The End Drawer summary will be locked and the cashier will need to enter bills, loose coins, and rolled coins to have the End Drawer Sum populate.
      • The screenshot below displays what the cash drop screen looks like when Collect Denominations is enabled.


  • Hide Drawer:
    • Toggle-on to remove the sales data from the Active Drawer tab and to prompt blind cash counts by budtenders.
      • The screenshot below displays what information will be hidden when this setting is toggled on.



12. Security Settings - Manager Override


From the Manager Override section, you can set actions that require a manager override to be completed, such as when:


  • Opening a drawer.
  • Starting a new drawer.
  • Drawer transactions.
  • Modifying a drawer.
  • Ending a drawer.
  • Adding loyalty points.
  • Discount Stacking.
  • +1 inventory adjustments
    • This allows budtenders to add inventory at the register if a scanned item is not found in the active inventory.
  • Discount Override:
    • The percentage threshold on discounts requires a manager override for approval before the sale can be completed. In the screenshot above, any discount exceeding 10% will require a manager to enter their PIN in order for the sale to be completed.
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