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Flat Rate Surcharge
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The flat-rate surcharge app setting allows you greater flexibility when handling non-cash transactions. 


In-App Settings


  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Select App Settings.

  3. Enter Manager PIN.

  4. In the Register Settings - Sales, toggle on Accept ACH.

  5. In the Surcharge section of the selected payment method, select Flat Rate ($).

  6. Enter the flat rate that you want to be applied to non-cash transactions.

  7. Select Save.



At the Register

For non-cash transactions, the flat rate that you set up in App Settings will be automatically applied to the sale, as seen below.



Flat Rate Surcharge FAQ

Is there tax applied on top of the Flat Rate Surcharge? 

  • No tax on top of the surcharge. 

Is the flat rate refunded in case of return or void? 

  • No. It's a flat rate w/o additional tax that is not refunded in the case of a return or void due to the charges that will still be charged for the non-cash payment.
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