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SMS/MMS Overview & FAQ
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SMS/MMS Campaigns are an efficient and effective marketing method to directly connect to your existing customer base.  Use SMS/MMS messaging to alert your customers to deals and promotions that you're running on the products they love.


This article will provide a basic overview of our SMS/MMS Messaging services and answer many of your frequently asked questions. 


Read more about how to buy, build, and edit your campaigns here: 


SMS/MMS Overview

There are three pages that allow you to create, edit, and manage your SMS/MMS Campaigns:


  • CampaignsView previously sent and ready to send campaigns. Create and edit new campaigns, and also preview estimated customer targets based on campaign groups.
  • Customer Groups: Create customer groups with specific conditions allowing for more targeted campaigns. This means your message can be more specific to your audience's habits with the goal of increased success for your campaigns. Select from single or multiple conditions to best hit your target audience.



  • Are there any additional contracts or obligations to KlickTrack's texting service?

    • You must sign a Liability Waiver to use the SMS/MMS platform in KlickTrack. If you did not sign a Liability Waiver in the sales process, please contact  [email protected].

  • Why do we need to sign a Liability Waiver?

    • New 10DLC carrier regulations were put in place in April 2021 which added keyword restrictions on certain words that would trigger blocking of that phone number and possibly hefty fines. By signing a Liability Waiver, you confirm your understanding of these rules that if you wish to continue sending SMS/MMS messages, you are taking on the liability for any violation of those rules.

      • The three major carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon) shifted to a new system called 10DLC which will require the vetting of “Brands” (meaning the specific business) that are sending SMS/MMS messaging through the carrier networks. Since cannabis is illegal on the federal level and carriers are regulated by the federal government at the current time, carriers are prohibiting cannabis-related messaging content, therefore it will not be possible to vet “Brands” that sell cannabis.

        • AT&T is started the vetting process 3/1/2021 and will block all non-vetted messaging 6/1/2021.

        • T-Mobile began the same process starting 4/1/2021 and in addition, has begun imposing steep fines for companies attempting to evade the additional new rules they are implementing (see below):

          • Text Enablement: $10,000 (This pass-through fee would apply if T-Mobile received a complaint where traffic is being sent from a long code prior to the program being fully approved by T-Mobile.)

          • Grey Route: $10 for each 10DLC message sent through a grey route. (This pass-through fee would apply if A2P messages are attempted to be routed as P2P messages after 10DLC is enabled.)

          • 10DLC Long Code Messaging Program Evasion: $1,000. (The pass-through fee would apply if a program is found to use evasion techniques like snowshoeing, unauthorized number replacement, and dynamic routing.)

        • Verizon has not given specifics but has announced they will be following the other carriers to implement 10DLC registration.

        • Content Violation: $10,000. (T-Mobile may charge this pass-through fee for each unique instance of the third or any subsequent notification of a content violation involving the same content provider. Content violation is defined as sending messages in violation of the rules in the Code of Conduct, and are usually SHAFT violations (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco) but would also include spam or phishing. SHAFT includes CBD/marijuana/vaping-related content.


  • How do I best adhere to 10DLC rules?

    • Best practices are to avoid using any cannabis-related terminology, including workarounds (example: “$.aT!.vA” instead of “Sativa”). Carriers are also looking for % signs, THC, CBD, joint, etc.  We recommend working directly with a legal professional before relaunching SMS/MMS campaigns.

  • Why does KlickTrack use 800 numbers?

    • 800 numbers still are being monitored, but there is not currently a requirement to register specific names to 1-800 numbers with the carriers. If you do not adhere to the new 10DLC restrictions, carriers will still flag the sending number and report or block it.


  • How do I see my current credit balance?


  • Is there a limit to the size of images that can be sent in SMS/MMS messages?
    • The file size limit for images in SMS/MMS messages is 700 KB.
    • If the image is too large, we suggest resizing your image.
  • Can I send a campaign to a small group of loyalty customers?
    • SMS/MMS campaigns can be targeted to your entire customer list or you can create campaigns that have specific target requirements such as last visit, or inventory type purchased.
  • What is the opt-in process for existing customers?

  • What is required for a loyalty customer to be eligible for text marketing?

    • To receive SMS/MMS messages, your loyalty customer will need:

      • Valid 10-digit phone number.
      • Opt-in selected in the customer profile.
  • When a new customer joins at our register does a welcome text go out to opt-in or out?
    • No messages are sent when a customer joins the loyalty program. Customers are automatically opted in when they sign up for KlickTrack Loyalty at the register. 
  • How does a customer opt-out of text messages after they have joined?
  • How do we inform loyalty customers that have previously opted-out that we've changed our loyalty program?
    • KlickTrack recommends preparing Budtenders for questions that may arise at the point of sale prior to the transition. Budtenders should be aware that a notification was sent to all loyalty customers who are opted in and that if they did not get a notification that it was because they had opted out in the past and shops are by law required to honor that.

    • We recommend asking if they'd like to opt back in!


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