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Signing Up For Pin Debit

As a point-of-sale register company, KlickTrack is committed to providing the best payment solutions for our customers. That's why we have recently integrated with Hypur to offer a convenient and secure pin debit processing solution at the register. ## **Hypur Pin Debit solutions** [Hypur][1] is a leader in payment …

Conducting a Void with a Pin Debit sale

Whether due to an incorrect amount, a change of mind by the customer, or a technical issue, voiding a sale must be made quickly and efficiently to avoid any inconvenience for both you and the customer. In this article, we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to void a sale made with a pin debit termin…

Compatible hardware with KlickTrack

**Minimum Hardware Support** We suggest always using the latest Apple devices. KlickTrack will run on most iOS devices, but users should note the minimum device requirements listed in this article. Running KlickTrack Applications on outdated devices may result in unwanted behavior, such as latency. Note: Compatible …

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