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Signing Up For Pin Debit
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As a point-of-sale register company, KlickTrack is committed to providing the best payment solutions for our customers. That's why we have recently integrated with Hypur to offer a convenient and secure pin debit processing solution at the register.


Hypur Pin Debit solutions

Hypur is a leader in payment processing platforms, offering secure and reliable transactions for pin debit payments. They were the first cannabis PIN debit program and had direct relationships with the processor and financial institutions. Hypur began processing cannabis transactions in 2016 and has processed over 1 million cannabis transactions to date without a shutdown or outage. 


Signing up for Hypur

To sign up for Hypur, KlickTrack customers can use our custom link to apply now.


Not sure if it’s the right solution for you? Use our customer link to sign up for a demo to learn more about Hypur and how their solution might work for you. 

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