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Pin Debit Troubleshooting
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As a point-of-sale company serving the cannabis industry, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient payment system. However, technical issues can sometimes arise that prevent your dispensary from completing transactions smoothly.


In this troubleshooting article, we will provide tips and solutions for resolving issues that may arise between KlickTrack, iPOS Spin, and the Pin Debit hardware so you can continue to serve your customers with minimal interruption.


Error messages

Below are the most common error messages users might receive when utilizing KlickTrack and a pin debit terminal. If you do not see your error message listed below and cannot resolve the issue on your own, please reach out to our Support team, who can help you triage and assess if the issue needs to be escalated.


Error Messages Potential Cause & Steps for Resolution

A configuration issue has occurred




Terminal configuration error

Potential Cause:

The terminal and register are unable to establish a connection due to an incorrect auth key and/or register ID.


How to Resolve: 

  • Review the terminal information in your Spin iPOSpays merchant portal.

  • Update the auth key and/or register ID in the KlickTrack "Payment Terminals" page.

Payment Terminal Not Found


Register not found

Potential Cause:

The terminal is not active and/or cannot be found. This could be due to the following:

  • The terminal is not connected to the internet.

  • The terminal is not powered on.

  • The terminal is broken or experiencing some level of hardware failure.

How to Resolve: 

  • Check that the terminal is powered on and has a stable internet connection. 
  • Turn the terminal off and then back on again.
  • If the terminal appears to be broken, please contact Spin support for the next steps in replacing a broken terminal.

Payment terminal is currently busy 


Terminal is in use

Potential Cause:

The terminal is unable to receive the connection request because it is currently busy for whatever reason, including:

  • Terminal not on idle screen to receive request.

  • The terminal is busy processing a different request.

  • The terminal had not completed the previous request when the connection request was sent.

If this error was received after a manual cancelation and no cancelation message was shown in KlickTrack:
This error is rare but can occur if the terminal cannot receive a response from Spin on the cancelation request. The terminal interface will resolve, but the server believes it is still processing the request, so no response is sent to KlickTrack. This error is generally the result of an issue with Spin.


How to Resolve: 

  • Check that the terminal is on the idle screen. When idle, the terminal screen will say “listening for transaction.” 
  • If the terminal is in use, then wait for the terminal to finish the previous request before trying the action again. 
If this error was received during a sales transaction, try selecting a different terminal from the Payment Method screen.


If this error was received after a manual cancelation, check to make sure that your register and terminal are connected to Spin

Connection time out


This transaction has timed out

Potential Cause:

The request was sent to the terminal and, for whatever reason, the terminal did not respond in time. The payment terminal has a default time-out response that is sent after 120 seconds of inactivity.


Potential reasons for a time-out error include:

  • User did not take the required action on the terminal before the default time-period expired.

  • The terminal lost connection to the internet while attempting to establish a connection

  • The terminal momentarily lost power during the connection process.

  • Spin is unable to connect at this time or experienced a momentary during the connection process

How to Resolve: 

  • Check that you have a stable internet connection and that both your terminal and register are connected.

  • Check to make sure that your terminal is connected to a power source.

  • Turn the terminal off and turn it back on again.

  • Make sure to complete any required steps on the terminal before the default time-period expires.

  • If none of the above provide error resolution, we recommend contacting Spin support to assess if there is an issue on their side.

Card mismatch

Potential Cause:

This error is specific to returns, and occurs when the customer taps / swipes / inserts a different card for the return than the one used for the sales transaction.


How to Resolve: 

Have the customer insert / swipe / tap the same card used for the sales transaction.

Unable to find transaction

Potential Cause:

This error is specific to returns and voids, and generally occurs when the terminal selected for the return action is different from the one used for the sale transaction.


How to Resolve: 

  • Restart the return or void process

  • When prompted, select the terminal that was used for the sales transaction

  • If that terminal is unavailable, you will need to complete the return in the Spin merchant portal.

Invalid Reference ID


Request cannot be completed

Potential Cause:

This error can occur if the requested action was processing when it was interrupted or encountered an error for whatever reason (i.e., the internet connection dropped, the terminal powered down, etc.)


How to Resolve: 

For Sales Transactions:

  • Return to the cart, remove one product and then re-add it.
  • This will generate a new Reference ID that can be sent through to Spin.

For Returns & Voids

Please note, that if this error was received while attempting a void or return, then subsequent attempts to complete the action will likely result in a repeat of the same error message, as Spin will not permit KlickTrack to send through the same reference ID again.


Therefore, if you receive this error on a return or void you will need to complete the action in the Spin merchant portal.

Host no response

Potential Cause:

When this error occurs it generally means there is an issue with the Spin server.


How to Resolve: 

  1. First, attempt the action you were trying to take take again.

  2. If you get the error message again, check and confirm that your Wifi / internet are active, your terminal powered on, etc.

  3. Third, assess if the terminal and register are connected to Spin
  4. If all of the above does not resolve the issue then please reach out to Spin support.

An unknown failure has occurred

Potential Cause:

Unknown failures can be caused by many things, including a system time-out, a dropped internet connection during the connection process, a momentary hardware error, etc.


How to Resolve: 

Try taking the action on the terminal again.


If you receive this error a second time, we recommend using the resolve steps above, such as checking to ensure your internet is not experiencing an outage, restarting your device, etc.


Other Potential Errors

1. Lack of connection to Spin

Sometimes the terminal is connected properly and able to receive requests from KlickTrack but, for whatever reason, it is unable to receive a response from the server or payment provider. This error is generally the result of an issue with Spin. You can verify if this is the issue by taking the following steps -


1. Go to your SPIn merchant portal and click on the nav item "Troubleshooting" > Spin Proxy"


2. Type in the TPN number in the box up at the top of the page


3. Click on both the "Check POS Connection" and "Check Register Connection"

  • If both arrows are green, then your device is successfully connected.

  • If one arrow is red, then your connection between the register and the device is broken.



If you do confirm a connection issue:

  • We recommend turning the terminal off and then back on again. This often can help restore the connection with Spin.
  • If that doesn't work, we recommend reaching out to Spin support to troubleshoot the issue directly.
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