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Conducting a Void with a Pin Debit sale
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Whether due to an incorrect amount, a change of mind by the customer, or a technical issue, voiding a sale must be made quickly and efficiently to avoid any inconvenience for both you and the customer.

In this article, we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to void a sale made with a pin debit terminal, so you can keep your business running smoothly.



Voiding a Pin Debit transaction

Step 1: Start the standard void process in KlickTrack

  1. Locate the sale in question and click on it to open the transaction “Sale” modal.

  2. On the transaction modal, press the red “Void” button

  3. Confirm that you wish to move forward with the void by pressing the “Void” button on the “Are you Sure?” modal.

Step 2: Terminal Selection

  • If you are a dispensary with multiple pin debit terminals set up, select the terminal you used for the sale transaction.

  • If you only have one terminal set up, the system will use it by default.


 Important Note
You must select the same terminal that was used for the sales transaction or Spin will be unable to locate the sale and the void request will be aborted.

If you are unable to utilize the same terminal, then please complete the void in your Spin merchant portal.

Step 3: Void sale information is sent to the terminal

  • Once a terminal is selected, the register will connect to the terminal and send the void request to Spin.
  • While the void is processing you should see a loading bar at the top of the sale modal.

Step 4: Void confirmation

Once the confirmation response is received:

  • The terminal will show a confirmation screen.

  • The KlickTrack user will be shown the “Void” sale modal

  • The void receipt will be printed.

    • This receipt will contain all of the necessary references you need to marry up the information in your Spin portal with your KlickTrack reports, including the Spin transaction ID.


Troubleshooting a Void on a Pin Debit transaction

In this section, we’ll go over common errors that could occur during a void and provide you with information on how to quickly resolve these issues.


The information below covers common issues related to returns, but other errors can occur. If you can't find your issue below, please check out our "Troubleshooting Pin Debit" article, which covers a broader array of potential errors. 


Unable to find transaction

Potential Cause:

This error generally occurs when the terminal selected for the void action is different from the one used for the sale transaction.


How to Resolve:

  • Restart void process

  • When prompted, select the terminal that was used for the sales transaction

  • If that terminal is unavailable, you will need to complete the void in the Spin merchant portal.

Request cannot be completed

Potential Cause:

  • This error can occur if the void was processing when it was interrupted or encountered an error for whatever reason (i.e., the internet connection dropped, the terminal powered down, etc.).
  • After this error is received, subsequent attempts to complete the void will likely result in a repeat of the same error message, as Spin will not permit KlickTrack to send through the same reference ID again. (The reference ID is assigned to a cart during the checkout process, and thus the ID cannot be updated during a void or return.)

How to Resolve:

  • If you receive this error, you will need to complete the void in the Spin merchant portal.

Payment Terminal is currently busy 




Terminal in use

Potential Cause:

The terminal is unable to receive the void information because it is currently busy for whatever reason, including:

  • The terminal is not on the idle screen to receive the request.
  • The terminal is busy processing a different transaction.
  • The terminal had not completed the previous request when the request was sent.

How to Resolve:

  • Check that the terminal is on the idle screen. When idle, the terminal screen will say “listening for transaction.”  OR
  • Wait for the terminal to finish the previous request before trying to complete the void again.

Payment Terminal Not Found




Register Not Found

Potential Cause:

The terminal is not active and/or cannot be found. This could be due to the following:

  • The terminal or the register is not connected to the internet.
  • The terminal is not powered on.
  • The terminal is broken or experiencing some level of hardware failure.

How to Resolve:

  • Check that the terminal is powered on and has a stable internet connection.
  • Turn the terminal off and then back on again.
  • If the terminal appears broken, please contact Spin support for the next steps in replacing a broken terminal.
This transaction has timed out

Potential Cause:

The request was sent to the terminal, and, for whatever reason, the terminal did not respond in time. The payment terminal sends a default time-out response after 120 seconds of inactivity.


Potential causes of the time out:

  • User did not take the required action on the terminal before the default time-period expired.
  • The terminal lost connection to the internet while conducting the action.
  • The terminal momentarily lost power during the return process.
  • Spin cannot connect to either device and / or experienced a momentary issue during the connection process.

How to Resolve:

  • Check that you have a stable internet connection and that your terminal and register are connected.
  • Check to make sure that your terminal is connected to a power source.
  • Turn the terminal off and turn it back on again.
  • Make sure to complete any required steps on the terminal before the default time-period expires.
  • If none of the above provide error resolution, we recommend contacting Spin support to assess if there is an issue on their side.
An unknown failure has occurred

Potential Cause:

Unknown failures can be caused by many things, including a system time-out, a dropped internet connection, a momentary hardware error, etc.


How to Resolve:

Try completing the return on the same terminal again. If you receive this error a second time, we recommend checking your internet to ensure it’s not experiencing an outage.
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