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Troubleshooting Guide for Login Issues
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We know that being unable to log in to your account can be a frustrating experience, so we've created this troubleshooting guide to help you quickly identify the cause and take steps to resolve.


1. Forgotten or Incorrect Passwords

2. User Access Error

3. Incorrect device setting correction w/o Admin user



1. Forgotten or incorrect passwords

Cause of Error: If you or an employee at your location has encountered the error above, it is likely due to an incorrect password.


How to Resolve: You can troubleshoot this issue by taking the following steps -

  • Double-check that the username and password are correct
  • If the user can’t remember their password, an admin can create a new temp password for the user utilizing the “Resetting a User’s Password” instructions below.

Instructions for resetting a user's password:

  1. Log into the KlickTrack Back Office, scroll down to “App Users”


  1. Locate the App User in question and click on their name. This will pop the following menu:


  1. Select the Change Password option and update the user's password.
Important Note:
Users are identified in the KlickTrack system by their email address; this email cannot be changed once set. If you need to update a user's email, the best course of action is to create a new user with the new email and delete the old user.


2. "User does not have access" error

Cause of Error: This error means there is a mismatch to the currently set Device Type (more information about device types can be found here) and the User Role of the user attempting to log in (more information regarding user roles can be found here).


How to Resolve: Generally we recommend that users follow these steps to resolve “user does not have access” errors:

  1. Confirm the device is set to the correct device type
  2. Confirm the user has the correct role to use that device type

A quick overview of Device Types

  1. The three most utilized device types are:

    • Back Office: Generally used on a desktop computer, this section is the main dashboard of the store and is not accessible unless you have Admin, Regional Manager, or Manager permission
    • Register: Generally used on a handheld device such as iPad or Android Tablet, this section is where transactions can be completed. This section is accessible to Admin, Cashier, Regional Manager, Manager, and Shift lead user permissions
    • Fulfillment: Generally used on a handheld device such as iPad or Android Tablet, this section is used primarily to allow store employees to fulfill orders without needing to grant them the ability to run transactions. Accessible by all user types, this device type is generally used by budtenders.
  2. Device types are set the first time that a new device is logged into the KT system

    • We recommend being specific in the device nickname (I.E. “Main Ipad Register”, “Back Office PC”, “Fulfillment Door Device”, ect.). This will make it easier to manage devices in the future.
  3. All devices for a location can be seen from the Back Office. Devices can be deleted or Device types can be adjusted from this section.

Adjusting User Roles

Similar to resetting a user’s password, an Admin User can adjust the role of any user by doing the following:

  1. Log into Back Office, select “App Users”
  2. Once you’ve selected the App User in question, you will be presented with the following menu. Select the option “Change Role”

3. Enter your manager pin into the Manager Override screen


4. Once that is selected, you will be presented with the following window to select the appropriate role for that user. Multiple Roles can also be assigned.


All roles have unique access and have been detailed within the “Role Definitions” article in the Support Knowledge Base.


3. “My Device is set incorrectly, and I don’t have access to the back office”

The best practice would be to have an admin log into the back office and set the device type correctly, BUT if you have a PC, the below solution can be used temporarily to set a different device type if locked out, and an Admin is not available 


  1. If using a PC, opening an Incognito (for Chrome) or Private (for firefox) Browser window and then logging in. Klicktrack will recognize the device as a unique new device, prompting the user to select device type upon logging in.
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