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Different device types and device management
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Hardware Settings allows owners/managers to control their various devices, drawers, and printers to keep the shop running smoothly.


Different device types, primary use , & definitions:

Floor Sales

  • Allow users to create queues and transact if linked to an active drawer.
  • Floor sales devices do not connect to a fulfillment hub printer.


  • Active transaction cart.
  • Create and manage queues. 
  • Registers must have an open drawer in order to access the sales cart.


  • Allow users to create and manage queues.
  • Fulfillment devices can print status tickets at a centralized Fulfillment Hub device.
  • Fulfillment mode must be enabled within App Settings.

Fulfillment Hub

  • Centralized device responsible for capturing status changes in the queue.
  • Printing tickets to a linked printer. Only one fulfillment hub can be used. 
  • Fulfillment mode must be enabled within App Settings.

Fulfillment Door

  • Primary use is managing customers.
  • ID scanning and age verification. 
  • Creating queues as a check-in station.


Note: Creating, editing or updating a device requires Manager permissions.


Device Management


Shops can access device settings from the Klicktrack Dashboard. Device settings manage the primary function of your devices and device names.


Add Device

  1. Open Klicktrack app on new device.
  2. Log in to KlickTrack.
  3. Enter Device Name.
  4. Choose Device Primary Use.
  5. Select Submit.



Edit Device Name & Primary Function

  1. Navigate the Hardware section.
  2. Select Devices.
  3. Choose the device you wish to edit.
  4. Select Edit Device.
  5. Enter ‘Device Nickname’
  6. Click Device Primary Use
  7. Choose device primary use.
  8. Select Save.


Remove Device

  1. Select Devices.
  2. Choose device.
  3. Select Remove Device.
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