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KlickTrack Role Definitions
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Everyone has a role to play at KlickTrack. Understanding how the different roles can complete different actions will make your team as efficient and effective as possible.

App Users 

The app user roles are located in the dashboard under store management. Select all roles that apply. For example, a manager user should also have budtender and cashier permissions selected to use register devices. App Users are employees that will be logging in to the app and need credentials. 



  • Full App permissions.

  • Create new app users or modify existing app users.

  • Can update pins, passwords, or assigned roles.

  • Merge, delete, or apply loyalty points to customer profiles from the dashboard.

  • Complete sales.

  • Create manifests.

  • Admin does not work as a catch-all, you must select each role below if needed.



  • Can create a queue for fulfillment.
  • Can access fulfillment devices.
  • Can NOT access register. (User will get access denied error attempting to login to register)
  • Can NOT complete sales. (User will get access denied error attempting to view sales)
  • Can NOT do a return or view recent sales. 
  • Can NOT add a drawer. (User will get access denied error if no drawer)
  • Can NOT add a device. (User will get access denied error if no device)
  • Can NOT access dashboard or inventory.



  • Can create a new drawer.
  • Complete a return and view recent sales.
  • Can create a new queue, and open a queue.

  • Can finalize a sale at the register.
  • Can NOT create a device. (User will get access denied error if no device)
  • Can NOT access dashboard or inventory.



  • Check queue.

  • Drop off order.

  • NO register access.



  • Dashboard and inventory management access.

  • Can NOT add or edit users.

  • Can manage multiple shop locations under the same login.

  • Access to all devices

  • Can edit time clock entries.

  • Can register new devices.


Marketing Manager

  • Access to SMS only.

  • Can create SMS campaigns.

  • Can access Products.


Queue Manager

  • Can create and edit online orders to expedite customer queues via a desktop device.
  • A desktop can be used as a device as long as the manager registers the desktop under devices.

  • Once an order is fulfilled it can be sent to the queue for final sale.


Regional Manager

  • Access to inventory management at multiple shop locations.

  • Full backend dashboard access.

  • Access to manifests.

Shift Lead

  • Same app access as budtender and cashier, but a Shift Lead user pin can be used for any manager overrides at the register.

  • NO dashboard access.

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