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Back Office Overview
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KlickTrack's Dashboard and App Controls is where Admins, Managers, and Inventory Control are able to navigate through their daily tasks and all without leaving the app.

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KlickTrack's Dashboard is your centralized location for the six main sections for efficiently and effectively managing your shop. 



SMS/MMS Campaigns

  • Send and track marketing outreach to your customers

Inventory Analytics

  • A wide array of critical reports such as your Master Transactions, Master Inventory, Cost of Goods and Sales Summary, and much more! 

Store Analytics

  • Manage your store with visibility into which discounts were used, your cash management with drawer history and drop reports, your employees time clock history

Inventory Management

  • Accept new inventory, build and edit products, make your adjustments, and organize your products with Rooms & Bins

Store Management

  • Set up new users and employees, KlickTrack’s time-saving Menu that keeps your products updated in real-time, as well as take advantage of many third-party integrations like Weedmaps, Leafly, and IHeartJane.


  • Set up your Register and Fulfillment Devices and where your team will spend time reconciling your drawers at the end of each shift.

App Controls

KlickTrack's App Controls offers both App & Hardware shortcuts that help you quickly navigate through your day.



Cannabis Retailer

  • Enter your PIN to switch between your different locations (if applicable).

Active User

  • Enter your PIN to switch between App Users.

Control Panel - Punch Time Card

App Shortcuts

  • Daily Sales
    • Quick access to an overview of daily sales numbers.
  • Dashboard
    • Navigate to a full suite of reporting and store management tools.
  • Sales & Returns
    •  View recent sales and process returns.

Hardware Shortcuts

  • App Settings
    • Access to all App Settings. Customize KlickTrack to suit your needs.



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