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Rooms & Bins
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Rooms & Bins allow you to move inventory around your store while having an accurate inventory account of where your inventory items are at all times.  


A default inventory room is available upon onboarding. All items will initially be sorted into either Default Inventory or Default Return. Additional rooms and bins can be created to help efficiently and effectively manage inventory movement through your store.


  • After products are received into your default inventory room, they can be moved to other rooms and bins to help organize and track inventory in the most effective and efficient way possible. 
  • When setting up any inventory room, you should select the proper Room Type to ensure that all inbound inventory is accepted properly into your environment.
  • You can hide other "Rooms & Bins" from the register by switching "Hide From Register" to on and hitting save. 
  • Rooms & Bins with the type Destruction, Quarantine, or Return will be hidden from the register automatically.

To set up or edit your rooms and bins:

  1. Navigate to Rooms & Bins under Inventory Management.
  2. Select the room or bin that needs to be edited.
  3. Choose Edit Room.
  4. Enter Room Name.

  5. Choose Room Type from the dropdown.
  6. Toggle on or off to hide from the register (optional).
  7. Select Edit to save any changes.


Note: If  "Hide From Register'" is toggled on, the products that are in the room/bin will be sellable if scanned, but NOT searchable/visible at your register. 





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