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Pin Debit Troubleshooting

As a point-of-sale company serving the cannabis industry, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient payment system. However, technical issues can sometimes arise that prevent your dispensary from completing transactions smoothly. In this troubleshooting article, we will provide tips and solution…

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Troubleshooting

We live in an ever-connected world and connectivity issues can cause a wide spectrum of potential issues within KlickTrack and may be the root cause of seemingly unrelated problems. It's recommended to perform [speed tests][1] in cases where the root cause of an issue is unclear to verify you have a good connection on…

Manifest Troubleshooting

## **[Missing Inbound Manifest][1]** (California Customers) Not seeing the manifest you're looking for? Following these troubleshooting steps to find the manifest you need. The first step is to refresh the Inbound Manifest screen which will sync your manifest data with the government database. To refresh your manife…

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