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Why does the register require a manager override for a drawer drop?

KlickTrack allows you to customize your register's app settings for added security. As such, when your App Settings -Manager Override setting - Drawer Transactions is enabled, a Pin is required. To remove this security feature, simply toggle the Drawer Transactions to the off position (No red) and refresh your regis…

Resetting your PIN or password in KlickTrack

* [Updating a user's password][1] * [Updating a user's PIN][2] * * * Note: Only an Admin or Manager can change a user's password. ## Updating a user's password 1. Select "App Users" on the dashboard. 2. Select user name that needs their password updated. 3. Select "Change Password". ![][3] ## Updating …

Creating and Updating App Users

App User Settings allows shops to manage their various employees and permission levels. Admins can create new users, remove users, update passwords & pins, assign roles and update permissions. * * * Note: Only users with Admin level permission can create, edit, or delete app users. **Create New User** 1. Select …

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