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The difference between a Package SKU and a Purchase SKU

📑** ****SKU: Stock-Keeping Unit** ** ** The **Package SKU** field in KlickTrack refers the to the scannable barcode on a product. This barcode can be associated with a product directly through inbound manifesting product or can be added/[edited][1] via the inventory detail page. This barcode is used for the register…

Editing package SKUs in KlickTrack

Outlined below are instructions for updating a product's **Package SKU** _(also known as the register SKU)_ in KlickTrack. 💡**Note: **If you need to update a product's Purchase SKU _(also known as the compliance ID field)_, please reach out to [KlickTrack Support. ][1] **To update a register SKU:** 1. Navigate to…

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