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The difference between a Package SKU and a Purchase SKU
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📑 SKU: Stock-Keeping Unit


The Package SKU field in KlickTrack refers the to the scannable barcode on a product. This barcode can be associated with a product directly through inbound manifesting product or can be added/edited via the inventory detail page. This barcode is used for the register functions such as scanning and product look up.


The Purchase SKU on an item refers to the traceability (Global) barcode that identifies the product for state traceability. This barcode is required to manifest a product through a state traceability system.



💡 Tip for Oklahoma shops: 


In Oklahoma, the Purchase SKU is the Metrc package tag id which is what we use to report your adjustments and sales to Metrc. You can utilize the Purchase SKU in the Package SKU field BUT you cannot utilize the Package SKU in both fields. 


If duplicate package SKUs are used across different purchase SKUs, then it is best to use the Purchase SKU when using the Look Up Lot # feature to ensure the correct lot is adjusted.

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