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Limiting Employee Access to KlickTrack
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Permission levels are associated with selected roles in App Users. Selecting Budtender and Cashier roles for users will only allow them access to the register and fulfillment/floor devices.  Shift Lead roles can be assigned to allow manager approval by these users, but still limit access to the browser dashboard. Only Manager and Admin users have access to the full backend dashboard. Admins are the only role permitted to make App User changes.


App Users - Change Role

  1. Navigate to the Store Management section.

  2. Select App Users.

  3. Select User that needs to be updated.

  4. Select Change Role.

  5. Enter Admin PIN.

  6. Choose User Role(s) that apply,

  7. Select OK to save changes.


PRO TIP: Learn more about the different app permissions available by visiting the KlickTrack Role Definitions Article.
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