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Pre-Order Customer Menu View
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Customer Menu View


To find the link for your shop's public-facing menu, click the public-facing menu and choose edit menu.


The link is located on the main tile under 'Public Menu URL".


When a customer goes to this link, they will have access to your public-facing pre-order menu.


Customers will see products grouped by inventory type.


Products can be added to the pre-order cart from several points on the menu.


Once a customer has added all their desired items to the sales cart, they can click the cart icon in the top right corner to proceed to check out.


Here they will select their order type based on what is available from your online menu set up and enter their phone number for loyalty and text notifications of order status changes.


Customer phone numbers that match from your loyalty system will automatically have the customer attached to the sales cart for their order with loyalty points available to redeem.


Please view the video below for questions regarding the customer view of your menu.




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