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Network requirements to run KlickTrack
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Below are some network best practices for operating KlickTrack. Cannabis retail is a high-paced and often high-volume business so it is important to confirm that your shop's network infrastructure is in good health.


Furthermore, KlickTrack is a cloud-based solution and offers the ability to connect multiple devices throughout your shop which allows for unique and often sophisticated retail workflows. For the best performance, it is always recommended that shops use modern network technologies as fast, reliable, performance depends on a fast, reliable network.


Best Practices (not limited to):

  • Download Speed: at least ~25-35 Mbps per Device, including non-KlickTrack devices connected to the WiFi network. 
  • Upload Speed: at least ~15-20 Mbps per Device.
  • Make sure that all KlickTrack devices are connected via their own separate network. A physically separate Local Area Network (LAN) is best, however, a properly configured Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) configuration is also acceptable.
    • No other services should utilize the same LAN or VLAN as your KlickTrack point-of-sale devices.
    • This means that the network is NOT able to be accessed by employees for Wi-Fi, or for streaming music. This network is for KlickTrack devices only.
  • Periodically check your WiFi download and upload speed by running a speed test. You will want to perform the speed test from the location where you most frequently use registered equipment for accurate results. 
  • Use encrypted WiFi for the POS to prevent security risks.
  • Limit guest network activity to prevent overuse of the available internet connection during peak hours. If possible, use a second internet connection for non-essential services like Guest WiFi.  
    • Never allow Guest WiFi networks to share the same LAN or VLAN as the point-of-sale.


Internet speed test:


Note: If you're having issues with your network we recommend that you contact your shop's IT professional or Internet Service Provider (ISP).
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