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Updating taxes within KlickTrack
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Tax rates change and making that change within your Klicktrack is as easy as submitting a ticket.


If the tax rates in your area have recently changed, you'll need to submit a ticket to [email protected] to have that change made.

In order to make updating your tax rate as effortless as possible for you, we'll need to know the following information:


  • Current tax rate.
  • Updated tax rate.
  • When you want this tax rate to go into effect.
  • Your store hours.

Once the tax update has been made within your system, you'll be notified by KlickTrack Support that the change has been made. Please allow 2-3 business days for this change to be made.


PRO TIP: In general tax rate change would affect reporting and we do not recommend doing this change mid-month.


Save time and a trip to the mailbox by paying your cannabis tax online through the Tax Report.


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