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How to generate and send KlickTrack your Metrc API Key
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In order for KlickTrack to operate a 3rd party technology provider on your behalf, we must have your Metrc API Key. This key must be generated from a manager user profile inside of Metrc and provided to us so that we can integrate with the API key and sync KlickTrack to your Metrc account.


Without this connection, you would be unable to sync inventory from Metrc to KlickTrack, report sales to Metrc, and report any inventory adjustments, splits, transfers, etc. 


Important notes regarding your Metrc API key:

1. You must have Metrc admin access to generate the API key for your user profile

2. The user who creates the API Key must have a Manager role and the correct permissions in Metrc;see the instructions below for more details

3. IF you generate a new key after providing your API Key to us, you must provide us with the newly generated key, or we will no longer be able to connect to your Metrc account.

4. Do not print, write down or share your Metrc API key with anyone other than a validated Metrc integrator. 


1. Ensure you have the correct employee permissions in Metrc

Before generating your API Key, ensure that you have the correct permissions enabled in Metrc.


If these permissions are not enabled before you generate an API Key, this could result in a Metrc integration that prevents KlickTrack from reporting correctly and/or prevent you from bringing new inventory into KlickTrack. 


1. Log In to Metrc

2. Go to Admin > Employees and find your name

3. Select your name

4. Select Edit Employee

5. Check to ensure that you have the below permissions

6. Make sure that you are listed as having a Manager role

7. Make sure that the following permissions are enabled:


Packages Page

▪ Grids (req'd) - View

▪ Inventory - Manage

▪ Create / Submit / Disc. - Manage

Transfers Menu

▪ Licensed & External - Manage

▪ Templates - Manage

Sales Menu

▪ Sales - Manage

Reports Menu

▪ All - View

Admin Menu

 Locations - Mange

Strains - Manage

Items - Manage

Search Menu (if available)

Patient Status Lookup - View (if available)



2. Generate your Metrc API Key

Note for those with multiple locations:

1. Metrc API Keys are user-specific as opposed to location-specific, so if the user generating the key has Admin access to ALL locations/facilities under the Metrc account, you only need to generate one API key and provide that to KlickTrack for use across all locations. 

2. If you have multiple locations, but the user generating the key only has Admin access in Metrc to one or several but not all locations, then additional API keys must be generated for the locations that the user does not have access to in Metrc.



  1. Log in to your Metrc account
  2. Select your user profile on the top right side of the page
  3. Select “API Keys”
  4. Click "Generate".
  5. Copy the entire current API Key.
  6. Provide this key to KlickTrack



If you generate a new API key in Metrc at any point for any reason you will need to send KlickTrack that new API key in order for us to keep acting as your third-party technology partner. Once a new key is generated the old key is declared "invalid" by Metrc and our ability to sync with your Metrc account is lost. 


3. Provide your API Key to KlickTrack

Once you have your Metrc API key copied down, please email it to [email protected]



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