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Weedmaps Menu Integration Guide
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Turn on your KlickTrack menu integration with Weedmaps for seamless real-time menu updates, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction by always listing accurate available products. 



KlickTrack Menu attributes that will sync to Weedmaps

  • Product Name

  • Main Categories

  • Description

  • Image

  • Price (Taxes included)

  • Inventory Level (Products with a threshold of 3 or lower will not appear on your menu)

  • Strain


Weedmaps Field

KlickTrack Field Notes
Name Product Name

KlickTrack maps only to Main Categories

within Weedmaps. See Category Mapping


Category Inventory Type  
Description Description  
Image Photos  
Price Price

See section on Price/Weight Adjustments


Strain Name Strain

Any Strain name that does not match 

exactly will appear in Weedmaps as 
"No Strain Selected". To add a strain, 
navigate to the Weedmaps Dashboard
after the menu is published.


FAQs (please review prior to menu sync)

If I have an existing menu in Weedmaps, do I need to save it prior to syncing my POS menu?

  • Best practices are to back up the current menu before menu sync. Integrating with your Point of Sale system automatically un-publishes all of your menu items.


Once I make a change in my POS, how soon will I see the changes on my Weedmaps menu? 

  • Allow up to 30 minutes for changes to be reflected on Weedmaps. Otherwise, changes can be made that will be immediately reflected on your POS through the Weedmaps dashboard.


Can I manually update fields on Weedmaps Menu that are missing? 

  • With this integration, when you are synced, you can:

    • manually select staff picks,

    • override status of items received from the POS (active/inactive),

    • override your POS menu items with your own product photography, descriptions, potency values, and more.


Do products on the menu have sales tax associated?

  • Sales tax is currently included on the menu.


How often does the menu sync with KlickTrack inventory data?

  • KlickTrack will automatically sync your inventory data with Weedmaps every hour on the hour.


Can I regenerate my Weedmaps API key? 

  • If you need to regenerate your Weedmaps API key, please contact Weedmaps support.


Can I deactivate the menu sync?

  • Yes, you can disconnect your POS in Weedmaps. To learn how to disconnect your point of sale, we advise following the instructions in this article.


Why don’t I see Brand or Testing Results (THC% / CBD%) on my Weedmaps Menu?

  • At this time, neither Brand nor Testing Results are pushed into Weedmaps from KlickTrack. All products are entered as “Custom Products” to Weedmaps, not “Branded Products”. If you’d like to add Brand or Testing Results, you can do so within the Weedmaps Dashboard after the menu is published.



Connect your Weedmaps Menu to KlickTrack


Activate your Menu integration with KlickTrack POS by completing the following steps. Each step has a section below that walks through the setup step by step.

  1. Weedmaps Setup: Turn on your POS-Integration within Weedmaps.

  2. KlickTrack Setup: Turn on your Weedmaps integration within KlickTrack.

  3. Complete your Setup: Reach out to KlickTrack Support with your unique Weedmaps Menu # to activate your menu sync.


1. Weedmaps Setup

  1. Within Weedmaps, navigate to Manage my business.

  2. Select the MENU tab and find your Menu # at the top of the screen. Record this number as it will be needed later.


  3. Select POS integration and select KlickTrack (Beta) from the dropdown menu.

  4. Click Save.

NOTE: By integrating with the Point of Sale System, it automatically un-publishes all of your Menu Items. Only click Save if you’re prepared to connect your KlickTrack menu immediately.


2. KlickTrack Setup

  1. Select Menu from the dashboard and click the blue ‘+’ button.


  2. Enter Menu Name and select Weedmaps as the Menu Provider.

  3. Toggle the Menu “On” and click “I acknowledge and agree to third-party terms”.

  4. Click Save.


3. Complete your Setup 

  1. Reach out to [email protected] with your unique Weedmaps Menu # to complete the activation of your menu’s integration. Please be sure to include that this is a Weedmaps setup in your request. 
  2. KlickTrack Support will confirm once your Weedmaps integration is complete. 



Weedmaps Configuration Tips and Tricks

Product Availability: Hidden Rooms do not count toward the quantity available

  • By default, the Inventory that is hidden is not shown as Available on the Weedmaps Menu. To have hidden inventory display on your Weedmaps menu, these products need to be manually set to active. To mark active, on your Weedmaps Dashboard navigate to the Product and toggle “Publish” under “Availability”.

Filter Out certain Inventory Types, Brands, Strains, or specific products

  • On the KlickTrack Weedmaps Menu page, easily exclude certain items from your Weedmaps menu by clicking “Filter” button. For instance, many customers choose to “Filter” out the Inventory Types to exclude “Vendor Sample” and/or “Education Sample” from their Weedmaps menu.

Inventory Threshold Rules

  • The Threshold Limit Is set at 3 items per product, meaning if a product drops under 4 available, it will no longer be visible on the menu. This limit is hard-coded and cannot be changed at this time.

Category Mapping

  • KlickTrack only connects to the Main Categories within Weedmaps (ie - Concentrate, Cultivation, Edibles, Flower, Gear, Other, Topicals, Vape Pens). If your team would like to set more specific types (such as Edibles > Beverage > Beverage Types), you can do so within Weedmaps after the Menu has been published on the Weedmaps Dashboard.

    • Note - Anything listed as a “Cartridge” in KlickTrack will map to “Vape Pen” in Weedmaps.

Price/Weight Adjustments

  • Weedmaps only has certain pre-set product weights for pricing products (ie - 1/2 gram, 1 gram, 2 grams, 1/8 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce). If your product does not fall within one of these weight categories, the product will be added to Weedmaps as “Price by unit”. In these cases, we recommend adding the weight to the product name to help clarify the weight for your customers.

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